Turn an Old Book into Beautiful Paper Flowers

This project takes only a few minutes of your time and the result will always be beautiful. I decided to make them in order to decorate a gift, but I'm sure you will think of many other smart ways to use them. Have some old newspapers or books? Grab your scissors and a stapler!

You'll need

  • Old books or newspapers
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

How to

  1. Cut out 8 circles and make 2x large, 2x medium, 2x small, and 2x smaller ones.
  2. Make small cuts around each layer.
  3. Rotate the circles a little so that the cuts don't overlap.
  4. Stack the layers on top of each other. The large ones at the bottom and the smallest on the top. Staple an X in the middle.
  5. Start scrunching the layers, starting from the top one and work your way down to the bottom layer.
  6. Unfold the flower and fluff the layers making it look like a flower.
  7. Use it for whatever you can think of!
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