Homemade Lavender Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are very easily made at home. You can either treat yourself with the most wonderfully smelling bath or give the bubbles as a gift for someone special.

There's a huge variety of essential oils and colors you can use depending on the effects you want to achieve. This time I used lavender essential oil, which helps to relieve the stress and improves sleep quality.

Other essential oils and their effects:

Calming: vanilla, orange, chamomile, ylang ylang, lavender, sandalwood, rose.

Energizing: grapefruit, lemon, petitgrain, lime, ginger, juniper, peppermint, rosemary.

Make sure to do some more research on the essential oils to see whether they are suitable for you.

You'll need (for 3 bath bombs of 6cm diameter)

  • 200g soda
  • 100g citric acid
  • 100g fine sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon water (you may not need it)
  • food coloring of your choice
  • 1 teaspoon essential oil of your choice
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 2 bowls
  • bath bomb making molds
  • some dried lavender buds

How to

  1. Mix salt, soda, and citric acid together very thoroughly
  2. In a different bowl mix the coconut oil and your essential oil
  3. Carefully add the oils into the mixture of soda, citric acid, and sea salt and mix together (I noticed that it is better to mix it with my hands)
  4. Divide the mixture into two parts and separate them in two bowls. Leave one bowl as it is and add some food coloring into another. Mix well. Take a small amount of mixture into your hand and press, it should stick together like wet sand.
  5. Take your mold and pour some dried lavender buds. Pour the white mixture into one piece of the mold and the colored one into the other. Press down tightly and before combining the two pieces together, make sure that you've added some extra mixture on top of one piece. Press firmly! (You can also make your bath bombs striped. In order to do that just keep on adding a pinch of white mixture and then some colored one, again some white and some colored)
  6. Carefully remove one piece of the mold and allow the bath bombs to dry for about 15 minutes. Then invert the bath bomb so that the uncovered part is facing down and gently remove the remaining part of the mold.
  7. Allow the bath bombs to dry for 10 hours or overnight.


  • If the bath bomb breaks in the process you can put the mixture back into the bowl and try making it again.
  • If the bath bomb is just not sticking together, you may add some water. Be careful not to add too much because it might ruin the bath bomb. Add in very small amounts.
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